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This Help page is made up of three sections:

  1. If you're looking for help using the Cheap Airport Parking website, then hopefully you'll find the answer to your question in our Cheap Airport Parking FAQs below.

  2. If your query relates more generally to Airport Parking, you may find the answer you're looking for in our Airport Parking FAQs section.

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Cheap Airport Parking FAQs

What does Cheap Airport Parking do?

Cheap Airport Parking is a comparison website that allows you to input a UK airport location and a set of dates in order to return a list of airport parking options, sortable in a way that suits you!

Does Cheap Airport Parking make money if I make a booking?

We work as affiliates to the parking providers. This means that if you book parking that you have been referred to by us, we'll be paid a commission fee by the provider. The commission fee does not inflate the cost of the parking to you, the customer.

Does Cheap Airport Parking run car parks?

No. We don't own any car parks or have any role in managing car parks.

Cheap Airport Parking is essentially an agent or affiliate. Our role is to present customers with suitable parking products before referring the customer to complete the booking with the car park operator.

Who do I speak to if I need to amend or cancel my booking?

Cheap Airport Parking act as an agent for Airport Parking & Hotels (APH). If you've made a booking through one of the links on our website, you will have made your payment directly to APH. Therefore, it is APH that you need to contact.

Airport Parking FAQs

What is Short Stay Parking?

Usually, car parking options that are labeled as 'Short Stay' are intended to be used for a matter of a few hours at a time. Generally speaking, the parking tariff will make for an expensive experience if you stay upwards of a few hours. For longer stays, a 'Long Stay' car park will be more economical.

What is Long Stay Parking?

As the name suggests, 'Long Stay' parking is generally suitable for those who wish to park for more than 24 hours. Long Stay options vary with some being located on-site and others off-site.

What is Off-Site and On-Site parking?

This terminology is usually used to indicate whether a parking option is located within or outside of the airport grounds.

Although this probably isn't a strict definition, it's usually reasonable to assume that off-site parking options will be located further away from the airport than those that are said to be on-site.

What is Meet & Greet parking?

Meet & Greet parking generally refers to options where you drop off your vehicle at a given location and hand over the keys to a representative of the parking firm. The vehicle will generally be driven to a parking facility and returned to you when you arrive back at the airport.

What is Park & Ride?

Park & Ride is often the most cost-effective form of airport parking.Generally you'll park your car somewhere off-site, in a car park and you'll be provided with a transfer (usually by shuttle bus) to the airport terminal and then from arrivals back to the car park on your return.

What is EV Parking?

Although this phrase can vary from car park to car park, 'EV Parking' generally refers to airport parking options that provide EV charging facilities. Whether your EV is charged on your behalf by the parking operator who holds your keys, or whether you keep the keys and have to do the charging yourself depends on the operator and the option you book.

At Cheap Airport Parking, we provide the option to filter results by 'EV Parking' and we use the above interpretation of 'EV Parking' when we label parking options as 'EV Parking'. It's always best to check with the operator before completing your reservation.

Is it cheaper to book airport parking in advance?

Yes, almost always and in certain instances, it's essential to book in advance.

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