Travel Packing Checklist (Clickable & Printable) - Multiple Holiday Types


Travel Packing Checklist (Clickable & Printable) - Multiple Holiday Types

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Last-minute passport scrambles, underwear counts, document checks—getting ready for a holiday can be chaotic. And nothing ruins a holiday like landing in your chosen destination and realising you’ve forgotten something you need.

To help you properly prepare, we’ve put together a packing list. Download it, print it (if you can), and make sure all those boxes are ticked.

Don’t stop there, though, as we have some other holiday tips and packing advice for you.

Download Packing List Here

Travel Tips and Tricks

It’s easy to forget about the minutiae when your mind is on the big things—passports, itineraries, etc., These tricks will keep you on track:

Book Airport Parking in Advance

You can book airport parking days and even weeks before you travel. If you want to avoid missing out and get the best deal, you should do so. Check out the parking options on this site to see what’s available.

Check Baggage Allowances and Rules

Baggage rules have changed over the last few years. Limits are strict these days. Check the sizes and weights in advance to avoid falling foul of these changes.

Learn Basic Phrases

Many people speak English, especially in tourist areas. But it’s good to try and chat like a local, even if it’s just a simple hola, ευχαριστώ, or bonjour.

Don’t Forget Your Meds!

There are two considerations here:

Can you take the meds you need into the country you’re visiting? Laws differ greatly, and what’s legal here might not be legal there.

Can you fit them in your carry-on? If so, do it, as you can’t afford to lose them.

Pack Light

Sure, you might need an extra jacket for a formal dinner or a pair of shoes for every occasion, but probably not. Space is more important than cramming in an extra accessory. Pack light and keep it simple.

Read Up on the Area

What is the history of the area you’re visiting? What’s it famous for?

Imagine reading a history book, falling in love with a certain landmark, and then discovering you could have seen it on holiday years ago! It happens. If you’re visiting a major city, there will be famous artworks, landmarks, historical sites, houses, and even graves. Check out these things in advance so you can actually make time to see them.

Venture off the Beaten Track

Don’t stick with the tourist areas, especially when it comes to eating out. Find out where the locals eat and head there—the food is usually more authentic and cheaper.

Check the Local Apps

Download a few local apps when you land. There should be apps for food delivery services, concierge services, taxis, and even meetups. They’ll help you get more from your trip.

Stay Vigilant

Tourists often let their guards down, making them prime targets for scammers and pickpockets. It doesn’t matter where you go, they will find you. Don’t advertise the fact that you’re a tourist and keep your guard up. If something doesn’t seem right, it’s probably not.

Get Travel Insurance

It’s an extra expense, but it could be a crucial one. Depending on your age and circumstances, it might only cost a few quid. Either way, it’s usually worth the money.

If you have a premium membership with a bank, you may already have travel insurance. Many banks offer additional phone insurance and travel insurance, along with breakdown cover. Sound familiar? Check with your bank to confirm and make sure you’re covered.

Don’t Plan Everything

You’ll want to see everything and do everything, but you might not have the time. Trying to do too much means you’re on your feet all the time and feel pressured to stay busy. So, while an itinerary is a good idea, leave a day or two free to do nothing. If you feel like doing something on those days, go for it; if not, it’s a good excuse to lounge by the pool.

Packing Hacks

Before you rush out the door and head off for a holiday in the sun, make sure you’ve properly packed!

Fold and Roll

Fold your clothes and then roll them before packing them tightly into your suitcase. It’s the best way to maximise space.

Wear Bulky Items

Whether it’s a big pair of Jordan basketball trainers or a duffel coat, you should wear your bulkiest items to travel. It’ll save a lot of space.

Get Solid Toiletries

Why take a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of shower gel when you can buy a shampoo/soap bar? It’s not ideal, but it’ll do the job and the hotel will probably have bottles anyway.

Get Vacuum Bags

Vacuum-pack bags suck all of the air out and allow you to compress your clothes tightly. They work amazingly well and are fantastic if you want to pack light while still taking multiple outfits.

Use All Space

If you’re packing a hat, stuff some rolled-up clothes or toiletries in the cap; if you’re packing shoes, stuff socks inside. Make use of every inch!

Use Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are small cubes with zippers. You can pack certain outfits, clothing styles, and more into these little cubes and then stack them in your suitcase. It’s great for saving space and will also make it easier to unpack on holiday.

Take Non-Wrinkle Clothes

Your clothes are going to get scrunched up, and if they wrinkle easily, they’ll likely get ignored during the holiday when you can’t find an iron. We’ve all been there. So, pack clothes that you know won’t wrinkle easily and can be worn right out of the suitcase.

Pack Multi-Purpose Clothes

If you’re treating yourself to a shopping trip before you travel, look for multi-purpose clothing that can be worn in several different ways. There are dresses that can be worn as skirts and scarves; shirts that can be worn inside out and double as jackets; pants that can be unzipped into shorts. It’s multiple outfits in one.

Summary: Packing and Travel Tips

It might seem like there’s a lot to consider, and there is, but many of these things can be sorted in a couple of hours. Create a to-do list for your holiday, a plan of action that will ensure you don’t miss anything. You can start with the big stuff a few weeks before leaving—such as the parking—and then leave the little stuff until the night before.

Once you make it to the bottom of the list, you know you’re ready to go and can enjoy your break!