Airports with Fast Track


Airports with Fast Track

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Queuing is synonymous with air travel. It’s as much a part of the process as duty-free shopping and pre-flight excitement. But it doesn’t necessarily need to be that way.

If you pay a little extra for Fast Track security, you could skip the queues and give yourself more time to shop and less time to stress.

What is Fast Track Security?

Fast Track is a priority lane that lets travellers skip the queues at security and go straight to the screening area. It is offered as part of premium parking, flight, and lounge experience and can also be purchased separately, either online or in person.

You may also be given Fast Track access if you have purchased Business Class or First Class tickets.

Fast Track tickets are always single-use. So, if you purchase a Fast Track ticket for a flight from Edinburgh to Athens, you can use it in Edinburgh before you pass into the departure lounge and start your duty-free shopping. But you cannot use it in Athens on the return leg of your journey.

What are the Benefits of Fast Track?

There is really only one benefit to purchasing a Fast Track pass: speed. The Fast Track lane is faster and so you’ll spend less time standing around queuing. Unless you arrive late, you don’t have to worry about missing your flight, but it will give you more time to relax, have a few drinks, grab some pre-flight food, or just do a spot of duty-free shopping.

Of course, you won’t always encounter queues at security. As any regular traveller will tell you, sometimes you breeze through the standard lane just as quickly as the Fast Track one. At best, you could save yourself a couple of minutes, and that doesn’t really justify an extra spend of £4 to £10.

If you travel during peak times, it’s a different story. Not only is the main lane often busy, with a twisting, turning queue that seems to wrap around the entire airport, but even when you make it to the end of the queue, you still need to fight through the clamour of people to get your belongings.

This is when Fast Track begins to earn its fee.

Just remember that you still need to go through the same security screening process as all other travellers. You will be scanned. Your bags will be checked. And if there are any issues, you will be asked to step aside while they are investigated further.

You must also abide by the same rules, including those relating to liquids, sharp objects, and electronics.

UK Airports with Fast Track

You can find Fast Track options at a number of UK airports. It’s not always called Fast Track though and may be listed as some variation of “Premium” or “Priority”.

Check out the following list of Fast Track options in UK airports. Bear in mind that this is not a complete list, and the prices and hours of operation are subject to change.

AirportHours of OperationPrice Per Adult (pay in advance)*Price Per Child (pay in advance)*
Bristol Airport3am-7pm£6£6
Bournemouth AirportAvailable All Day£3.50£3.50
East Midlands Airport5am-7pm£5£5
Edinburgh Airport4am-6pm£6£6
Leeds Bradford AirportEveryday£5Under 12s enter for free with paying adult
Liverpool Airport4am daily£4£4
London Gatwick Airport North and South - Security Control6am-12am£5£5
London Gatwick Airport North and South - Passport ControlDaily from 5am-5pm£9.99£9.99
Manchester Airport - Security2.30am-11pm£5£5
Manchester Airport - Passport7am-4.30am£5£5
Newcastle Airport24 hours£6£6
Stansted Airport - Security4am-8pm£7£7
Stansted Airport - Passport6am-1am£7£7
Birmingham Airport6am-12am£5£5
Aberdeen Priority Security AirportVaries£5£5

*Correct at the time of writing (5/01/23). Charge may be higher if you pay on arrival.

Fast Track vs Priority Boarding

Fast Track and Priority Boarding are two different services, but you may find them bundled together.

Fast Track is an airport service that gives you a dedicated lane for security. Priority Boarding is offered by specific airlines and provides a similar lane for boarding the plane.

You don’t get to your destination any quicker with either of these options, but if you don’t want to stand around in queues and prefer to have more time to shop, eat, drink, and settle into your seat, they should be considered.

Check with your departure airport to learn about Fast Track and contact your chosen airline to learn about Priority Boarding.


Is Fast Track Worth It?

For just a few quid, Fast Track could help you to skip the chaotic queues and buy yourself some more time, but whether it’s worth it or not depends on how busy you are, how patient you are, and how big the queues are.

Is Fast Track Always Available?

No, it is not always available. Some airports don’t have Fast Track and others may limit access during certain dates and times. It makes sense that they don’t want everyone paying the fee as soon as they arrive and see the queue, otherwise Fast Track would be just as busy as the normal lane.

How Much Does Fast Track Cost?

It depends on the airport. You can usually save money by booking in advance though, and children may also be granted free access with a paying adult. As you can see from our Fast Track table, the average price is around £5 per person.

Does Fast Track Come with a Guarantee?

No. Fast Track is sold on the basis that the Fast Track lane should be quicker, but the airport does not guarantee that it will be. During extremely busy times, you may still need to queue.

Can I Get All of My Family Fast Track Passes?

Yes, but double-check the rules for children first as they might be allowed to access the Fast Track lane for free if they are accompanied by an adult. For instance, if your group consists of two adults and two children, you may only need two tickets. Check the airport’s Fast Track rules for more information.