A Guide to People’s Parking

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A Guide to People’s Parking

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What is People’s Parking?

People’s Parking was founded by Helen Dolphin MBE.

Dolphin has been disabled since she was just 22, after contracting meningitis and becoming a quadruple amputee. She is a Blue Badge and disabled parking expert and has worked hard to create better parking facilities for disabled people.

People’s Parking is the culmination of her work. It is an accreditation service that highlights the best car parks in the country, including those suitable for disabled parkers, as well as parents and drivers of electric vehicles.

After worrying about delayed flights, lost passports, stray luggage, and finding your hotel, the last thing you want is car trouble. When you park your car at the airport, you expect it to remain safe and secure throughout your trip; you expect it to be there when you return.

One of the things you can look out for is whether or not the car park is accredited. That’s where companies like People’s Parking come in.

What are People’s Parking Accreditations?

A number of things are considered when granting accreditation to a car park, including the location, facilities, ease of access, and availability of additional support/information.

Some of the accreditations offered by People’s Parking include:

Good for Airport Passengers

As you’ll know if you’ve ever browsed for cheap airport parking using our guides, there are two types of airport car parks: official and off-site.

Official car parks are owned by the airport and are usually located onsite and within walking distance of the terminal.

Off-site car parks are unofficial car parks located a little further away. Some are within walking distance, some offer a shuttle service, and some are so far away you might as well park at home and take a taxi.

A People’s Parking accreditation showcases car parks that are a reasonable distance away and offer easy accessibility.

Disabled Access

A very important accreditation that seemingly played a big role in founding People’s Parking. For a car park to be given a disabled access accreditation, it must have larger spaces, as well as spaces near the entrance/amenities, alternative payment methods, and easily accessible payment machines.

Motorcycling Parking

A car park where motorcyclists can safely park their bikes.

Healthcare Parking

A medical practice, such as a doctor’s clinic, with a suitable car park.

Supermarket Parking

You don’t want to be lugging your shopping bags halfway down the street, so late and accessible supermarket car parks are key. That’s where these car parks come into play.


A family-friendly accreditation is given to car parks with spaces/facilities designed for parents with kids.

Convenient for Commuters

Commuter car parks are located near bus terminals or train stations and are designed with commuters in mind.

Restaurant Parking

This accreditation can be given to a car park that is located close to a restaurant.

Parking for Electric Vehicles

Electric charging points are becoming increasingly important. Car parks wishing to receive this accreditation must have suitable electric charging points.

Hotel Parking

Accessible and safe for guests at a hotel.

No Height Restrictions

The lack of strict height restrictions is important for drivers of commercial vehicles, as well as camper vans and wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

Public House Parking

A car park located near a public house that is designed to be used by patrons and other visitors.

University Parking

Awarded to car parks located on university grounds, with parking that is suitable for staff, teachers, and students.

Sports Centre Parking

A car park that is suitable for users of sports-themed facilities, including football pitches, gyms, swimming pools, and sports complexes.

Cycle Parking

There are spaces where cyclists can park their bikes.

Great for Shoppers

An accreditation that is given to a car park that is close to a main shopping area or located within the shopping complex itself.

Natural Tourist Attraction

The car park is located near to a place of interest or an attraction, such as a theme park or a sports stadium.


Car parks that offer pre-booking, so you don’t need to worry about finding and paying for a space when you arrive. Pre-booking is often done online and works by issuing printable tickets or recognising the customer’s license plate.

Pay By Phone

Phone payments provide a simple and fast way to pay. It means you’re not forced to hand over coins or use machines. Look for the Pay-By-Phone accreditation for car parks that let you pay using your smartphone.

The Standard Rules

To become accredited with People’s Parking, a car park must meet some basic requirements, in addition to the specifics mentioned above.

For instance, it must be safely lit at all times, ensuring that people know where they are going and are not forced to wait or walk in the dark.

Cleanliness is also key, with minimum graffiti, litter, dirt, and other detritus.

Accessibility is important, and everything should be clearly signposted, ensuring that people know where to go and can get there easily. If there are specific car parking bays, including those for disabled people and parents, they should also be signposted.

How Many Car Parks Are People’s Parking Accredited?

There are many accredited People’s Parking car parks across the United Kingdom and the number is growing all of the time.

In 2020, for instance, leading parking firm NCP was awarded their 300th accreditation. NCP have seemingly worked hard to improve their facilities over the years and other parking providers are following suit.

These days, there is a greater emphasis on safety, security, and accessibility. Customers are more demanding—and rightly so—and they have more choice than ever. Combined with stricter regulations and services like People’s Parking, there has been a notable improvement in nationwide car parks.

FAQs about People’s Parking

Are People’s Parking the only parking accreditation provider?

No, there are others. Park Mark is one of the biggest and the most common. It was established back in 2004 and there are currently over 5,000 car parks with a Park Mark Award.

Are People’s Parking accreditations only for airport car parks?

No. As you can see from the list of accreditations above, People’s Parking work with all kinds of car parks and parking providers.

When was People’s Parking founded?

People’s Parking launched back in 2016. It has been steadily growing since then and has awarded numerous accreditations, with more likely on the way.