Gatwick Drop-Off Zone Charges


Gatwick Drop-Off Zone Charges

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Gatwick Drop-Off Charge - What You Need To Know:

  • Gatwick Airport operate two Drop-Off Zones, one at North Terminal and the other at South Terminal.

  • Drop-Off Zones charge £5 per visit.

  • You MUST pay your parking charge online or by automated telephone line, before midnight the following day.

  • Hefty fines of £100, reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days apply to those who fail to pay on time!

Need to Pay Gatwick Drop Off Charge?

Click Here to be directed to the official payments website.

About Gatwick Drop-Off Charges

If you plan to enter one of the two drop-off zones at Gatwick Airport, you need to be aware that there will be a minimum charge of £5.

The drop-off zones are found directly outside both North and South Terminals and are the quickest and easiest way of dropping off a passenger at the airport.

Introduction Of Charges...

The drop-off charges came about after COVID-19. The airport claim that the fees have been brought in to save jobs as the airport recovers from the effects of the pandemic.

The second reason Gatwick cite for the introduction of the fees is that they really are apparently not particulary fond of cars! They want 48% of passengers to arrive at the airport by public transport, leaving their cars at home.

Or, to put it in their own difficult to fathom words, they want to deter ‘a car led recovery after the pandemic’ - sounds sinister, does it not?

How does Gatwick Drop-Off System Work?

The system uses ANPR cameras to capture your vehicle registration when you enter either of the drop-off zones.

The computer system will log the length of time you are in the drop-off zone and charge you accordingly. We have set out the current (at the time of writing), charges below.

Gatwick Drop-Off Zone Pricing:

Up to 10 minutes: £5 Each additional minute (max 20 minutes): £1 Maximum charge: £25 Maximum length of stay: 30 minutes

AutoPay (Pay In Advance)

If you are a regular visitor to Gatwick Airport, it would be a good idea to setup an AutoPay account. These accounts are especially good for taxi drivers and chauffeurs and allow you to pre-pay your drop-off zone fees.

By using AutoPay, you avoid the need to set reminders and eliminate the risk of forgetting to pay your charge before midnight the next day - a costly mistake!

Blue Badge Holders

If you are a Blue Badge holder and plan to use the drop-off zones, you will be pleased to hear that you will be exempt from the charges.

There are however a few hoops to jump through in order to benefit from the exemption:

  • You can register for your visit up to three months in advance but in any case, you must do so no later than the day before you travel.
  • You will get 30 minutes free use of the drop-off zone.
  • You will need to create an account (here) and provide the following information:
  1. Passenger name(s)
  2. Date of flight(s)
  3. Vehicle number plate
  4. Photo of front and back of Blue Badge

Remember: it is the Blue Badge holder that is exempt from charges, not the specific vehicle.

What this means is that you can use your exemption if you are being dropped off in a taxi or by a friend. However, you must set this up in advance.

Gatwick Airport Free Drop Off!

For those who are willing to go slightly out of their way to save some money, Gatwick Airport offer a generous two hours of free parking in their Official Long Stay car park which includes use of the shuttle bus.

Although this is less convenient than using the drop-off zones, there are benefits! It comes with the benefit of being able to accompany your passenger to the terminal - very useful for slightly longer good byes or helping out with the luggage! With two hours to spare, there’s even time for a coffee in the terminal!

Gatwick Airport Pick Up

If you want to collect someone from the airport, don’t even think about trying to use the drop-off zone. It will end in tears.

Instead, go to one of the short stay car parks for the most convenient option, or save yourself some money and take advantage of the fact that the airport allows free parking in their official long stay car parks for up to two hours - you even get a free ride on the shuttle bus!

Who runs the Gatwick Airport Drop-Off Zones?

The NCP is who you need to make contact regarding anything related to your drop-off zone charges.

Automated Payment Line: 0330 174 4503 (automated payment line)

Customer Support Line: 0345 050 7080 (option 4)